Zalla Outdoor Advertising Location

Zalla Outdoor’s HD display is the first, and only, right hand digital billboard your customers will see after crossing the I75/I71 bridge from the Greater Cincinnati area into Northern Kentucky. In fact, there isn’t another billboard for 30 miles southbound.

The only billboard on the right-side of I71/I75S (north facing) for 30-Miles! 

Location, location, location isn’t just an axiom in real estate. It’s also a great predictor of success for your billboard advertisement as well. Zalla Outdoor’s digital billboard is located right across the Brent Spence Bridge as you enter Northern Kentucky heading south from Cincinnati, Ohio with over 120k motorists coming through each day. In addition to motorists, a lot of individuals with a view of the river from their Cincinnati offices can see the billboard as well. 





 Our customers love us because they get great impressions, exclusive access and limited competition.

  • We are the first (and only digital) southbound billboard on the right-hand side of the I71/I75 corridor as you head south into Kentucky.
  • Limited competition in the billboard marketing on this corridor means that you get over 284K visitors daily before they pass through the Greater Cincinnati Area.
  • This is the gateway to the south. You get exclusive access to in the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Metropolitan area, plus engage drivers as they head to the southern part of the country.
    Zalla Outdoor’s digital advertising billboard is located at:

608 Lewis Street
Covington, KY 41011

 In addition to one of the best locations in the region, you should take a moment to ready about our technology as well. Then be sure to contact us!