Digital Billboard Technology

Zalla Outdoor takes our billboard technology very seriously and that’s a really great thing for you. Our “Blaze” product, which takes advantage of our billboard’s features, which ranges from day parting to variate testing, helps make and keep your advertising effective. 

Billboard technology matters. It isn’t all the same.

Zalla Outdoor takes our billboard technology very seriously and that’s a really great thing for you. There are a number of critical pieces that have to work together to make an effective billboard experience.

  • LED technology comes in different flavors. To start off, we sought to find the industry leading billboard technology that provides the smallest distance between the LEDs. Believe us, it makes all the difference. You want the smallest distance possible to watch your designs comes to life – the way that you designed them. You might notice some billboards and LED signs that appear pixelated. That can be a result in the distance between the bulbs. In addition to LED density, you also want to start with the best bulbs possible. Starting this way means that your designs are richer, crisper, more vibrant that are the result of beginning with single-bin LEDs from the finest manufacturers. These LEDs are then grouped by batch, color intensity and wavelength. Post installation, our sign was then calibrated to ensure color uniformity. The process is complicated, but that’s why you have us. We have you covered.
  • Software integration. We wanted to offer the best experience for our customers. Our software allows testing, day parting, and multiple billboards in your rotation. This gives you the best flexibility to cater your billboard media spend to what you need. Maybe you have two locations around town and you want two different pieces, we can do that. Alternatively, you can set events and times of day to display a certain ad, we can do that too.

When you add great technology to an amazing team, you get a great experience. We’re excited to own the premier billboard on the I75/I71 corridor as you enter Northern Kentucky. We can accommodate businesses, big or small. We’re ready to help. Contact Zalla Outdoor today!